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Badge Camp – Wood Carving

Badge camp – Wood Carving – $250 per week

Join outdoor educator Crystal for a week of wood carving skill building and earn your very own Wood Carving Badge! Participants will learn to understand and identify potential hazards and what should be done to prevent and respond to them, collect and label different wood species while learning the qualities of each, proper care and use of wood carving tools and of course, carve some fun projects!

Ages: 8-11

Price: $250 per week/participant

Date: August 1-5

Times: 10am – 3pm

Prerequisite for this camp: Participants must have prior knowledge of basic knife handling and safety. Tools are provided for this camp.

This camp meets BC Curriculum Outcomes in mathematics, art education, applied design, skills and technologies and science for grade 3.

All spaces booked are Non-Refundable.

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