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Forest Voyagers

Our Forest Voyagers offers a magical introduction to the wonders of the natural world for children aged 5 to 8.
Designed to spark curiosity and a sense of adventure, this camp is a vibrant blend of exploration, play, and learning, all set within the great outdoors.

Campers embark on daily explorations that bring them face-to-face with the beauty and mysteries of the environment. Guided by our passionate and experienced staff, these young adventurers will follow nature’s clues, from the tiniest insect to the tallest tree, learning about the world in the most engaging way—by being a part of it.

Adventure is at the heart of every day, with activities tailored to inspire a love for the outdoors and a spirit of discovery. Whether navigating a simple nature trail, engaging in a thrilling treasure hunt, campers will experience the thrill of exploration and adventure in a safe and supportive setting. Our program is rich with games that not only entertain but also educate and connect children to the natural elements around them. These activities are thoughtfully designed to foster teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity, all while having a blast in the fresh air.

Friendship and fun are the pillars of the Forest Voyagers experience. In this nurturing environment, children build bonds with their peers, sharing in the joy and wonder of outdoor discovery. Laughter fills the air as new friendships blossom, creating memories that last a lifetime. Join us for an unforgettable summer, where the natural world becomes a playground of endless possibilities.

Price: $300

Ages: 5-8

Times: 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Date: August 19-22, 2024

Location : Errington

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