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An image of a dead salmon

All Flourishing is Mutual

In the Pacific Northwest forests, particularly here in BC, we have what I like to call “nitrogen trees” . Studies have shown that…

This is a picture of peas growing

Pease Porridge Hot

Last week, I sat cross legged in my garden as rain fell softly around me and planted the peas. I love to plant in the rain. The earth is..

This is a picture of rocks in a circle

Rooted In Connection

From time to time, more often in the warmer months, our group will come across other nature lovers wandering the woods.

This is an image of a rock sculpture

Restoring Balance

This week, at our regular outdoor session spot, there was a moment when the clouds drifted apart enough to allow the winter sun an opening. I was…

How to dress

In the course of a day outside, children can be very physical with times of inactivity where they can get cold. The way a child is dressed is extremely important!