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Small Worlds Boundary Layer Camp

Small Worlds Boundary Layer Camp – $250 per week

Have you ever walked along the beach or in the forest and felt something powerful stir inside you? Have you noticed how nature can tell a story without using any words at all?

In this full-week camp led by outdoor educator Crystal, participants will explore the concept of how to observe the smallest worlds in nature in both beach and forest settings by learning to quiet the heart and mind in order to see the unseen.

Along the way, participants will learn about the way they see the world, what draws them to a space, how our smallest ecosystems sustain much larger life and why we need to understand them.

This camp is a dual location experience with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in the forest and Thursday, Friday at the beach/Under the Arch Classroom.

Ages: 8-11

Price: $250 per week/participant

Times: 10am – 3pm

This camp meets BC Curriculum Outcomes in science, visual arts, applied design and language arts in grades 2-10.

All spaces booked are Non-Refundable.

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