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Our classic outdoor session program led by Crystal and Saul for youth ages 5-9 is held every Tuesday at The End of the Road Homestead on Pratt Road.

This all-day nature immersion session is an opportunity for participants to learn who they are in the world of the wild. Covering skills from plant identification and observation journaling to ropework and basic survival skills in emergency situations. Participants will build their knowledge through hands-on activities in real-time Pacific Northwest weather conditions.

Our small group environment fosters opportunities for friendships, personal growth, acceptable risk assessment and true connection to the land.

Please note that while this program includes a multitude of bushcraft skills, it does not include knife skills or use. If you would like a program that encompasses knife skills though, you’re in luck! We’ve got that here

Ages: 6-9

Starts: September 12, 2023

Times: 9 AM – 12 PM

Price: $228/mo/child

All spaces booked are Non-Refundable.

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